Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu
February 17, 2022

Say hello to our new favourite single origin on the block. Single origin coffee is the flavour of the month right now and after tasting our Tarrazu you’ll understand why. It hit our shelves 2 weeks ago after a long hiatus – Tarrazu can be hard to come by –and it’s been a firm favourite among our team & café customers alike.

Hailing from the Santa Marta de Dota region in Costa Rica, Dota Tarrazu is a full & buttery bodied coffee with hints of peach & brown sugar. That’s my tasting notes – James (our op’s manager/all things coffee expert) calls milk chocolate & stone fruit. However your palate tastes it – put simply this coffee packs a punch.

Being grown at high altitude, located in a cloud forest the mineral rich, moist soil gives this coffee its dense, super rich flavour. Tarrazu is not only home to great coffee but also many endangered species – including the Quetzal (a pretty cool looking bird) – with most of the land also under conservation.

When visiting our café you can try our Dota Tarrazu in house – we recommend it served as an espresso or long black, but will tolerate milk well. Can’t get in store, visit our web shop to purchase online – available in 250g, 500g or 1kg bags. Unfortunately, this coffee is only around for a good time not a long time. Get around it.

NB – Keep an eye out for a new single origin being added to the Brew family soon.