Frank about being Green
February 1, 2022


We are serious about sustainability at Brew (future blog post coming soon). That’s why we have partnered with Frank Green and now stock a range of their stylish, reusable keep cups and water bottles. Frank Green (not a person but a philosophy) was founded back in 2013 by Benjamin Young. Existing to create sustainable solutions to the single-use plastic problem, Frank Green makes “beautifully designed and innovative products that people love to use, over and over and over again.”

Get in quick – bottles are flying out the door (not helped by the fact that every team member has at least 2 of these each) with more colour options coming soon. We also offer a complimentary coffee with each cup purchase and 10% discount each time you re-use.

Only available on our café shelves –


CUPS                                                   BOTTLES

6oz cup            $39.60                         590 ml             $49.95

10 oz cup         $44.95                         1LT                   $59.95

16 oz cup         $47.95


“Because all kids deserve to feel like Huckleberry Finn. By using Frank Green products, we will create a future where we can.”

Benjamin Young.