Meet our Master Roaster
March 9, 2022

Ever wondered who that handsome guy with the epic beard is hard at work behind our café doors? Meet Scott Lund – aka Scotty or Scotch. Husband, dad and all-round nice guy, Scott has been with us since inception 10 years ago. Prior he worked as a Barista at Brew-Ha Subi slinging coffees on busy weekend mornings, before turning his attention and love for coffee to back of house operations. Over the last few years Scotty’s passion, attention to detail and hard work has been rewarded with gold, silver and bronze medals for our blends and single origins.

What is a master roaster? In a nutshell a coffee expert, part scientist, part artist. Scotty has an extensive understanding of how our roaster works and the chemical changes that occurs within the coffee bean throughout the roasting process (that’s a story for another day). He also has a thorough knowledge of the types of coffee and their provenance and a great sense of smell. Scott and Brew have come a long way in 10 years, from roasting only once a week in the early days to now roasting daily, supplying not only our busy in-house café but cafes across Perth as well as select grocers and food markets.

What does a typical day look like for Scotty? Operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting our Brambatti workhorse, keeping on top of our green bean supply, creating and batch roasting new recipes, cupping roasts for quality control, ordering and receiving inventory, overseeing production and packaging, and overseeing the training of our packing whizz Riley on the Brambatti (padawan Riley must complete over 200 roasts before we will let him loose unsupervised on the Brambatti). Scotty also drives a mean forklift.

Thinking you might like to become a coffee roaster. The best place to start is as a Barista – Brew offers barista fundamental classes weekly – head to our website for availability. Visiting Brew? Have a chat with any of our amazing front of house staff and they’ll steer you in the right direction.

Coffee with Scotty

Go to coffee – Long macc

Favourite Musician – Bruce Springsteen

AFL Team – North Melbourne

Favourite Movie – The Big Lebowski

Favourite Brew Coffee – PNG Purosa Organic