Ethiopia Guji Bitoya


Region | Guji Zone, Oromiya
Altitude | 1800 – 2150 MASL
Varietal | Heirloom Varieties
Process | Fully Washed

Notes of Jasmine, Cola & Red Apple Acidity.

The outstanding Guji Bitoya coffee is produced at the Uraga wet mill in the Yabetome district of Guji, Oromiya region.
The mill, managed by Mr Mitiku Alemayehu, processes cherries from around 670 local smallholder farmers. Farmers typically cultivate less than 2.5 hectares of land on high-elevated farms ranging between 1,800 and 2,150 masl.
Mitiku applies compost and manure to his farm and manages the trees with timely pruning. The coffee is grown under the shade of the native forest. He is very strict on his cherry selection, ensuring that the coffee is high quality and environmentally conscious.