Fairtrade Organic Nicaragua Cooparec


The Cooperativa Agropecuaria Reyna del Café de San Juan RL, is a non for profit association located in the municipality of San Juan del Rio Coco, department of Madriz – Nicaragua, with a coverage of 22 communities. Training is provided directly to each production unit across the 22 communities, through technicians hired by Cooparec, RL.

Cooparec, RL was formed with the intent to strengthen the farmers through training in the improvement of organic production, through fertilisation with organic fertilisers of self-production, reduction of environmental impact, solid and liquid coffee waste management, soil conservation, organic management of diseases and pests of coffee cultivation.

Notes of caramel, almond and orange acidity.

Coffee is Fairtrade certified, traded, audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers, total 100%. For more visit www.fairtradeanz.org. FLOID 5604