Rwanda – Gisovu Nyamasheke


Rwanda – Gisovu

Region | Nyamasheke
Producer | Collection of Farms
Altitude | 1,550 – 1,850 MASL
Varietal | Red Bourbon
Process | Washed

Cup Profile – Floral, spice & sweet tobacco notes with a jammy body
and lingering sweetness.

Rwanda Gisovu is a special blend from 3 different
regions, Kilimbi, Gisheke and Rugali within the Nyamasheke district.
This region has impeccable climatic and rich land, this environment
is optimal for creating quality coffee. The producer for this farm helps
the cooperatives to increase their quality of production and introduces
them to new markets. This varietal, red bourbon is admired for its
acidity and remarkable uniformity. Varieties from Rwanda generally
have a punchier and fruity quality