Slayer Steam X

Barista Dashboard™ with detailed readout, including shot timers & temperature adjustment, Dura-Tex™ cup rail, porta-filter handles, brew & steam actuators, Saturated electronic group heads with auto-bleed, rated to 1 million cycles, Classic 9-bar extraction, Dual-Volumetric, two volumetric settings per group, Enable Auto Purge, a 2 second water flush to maintain cleanliness between extractions, Automatic shot lights indicate start & end of extraction, Commercial 58mm porta-filters with 18 gram baskets, Independent brew tanks with PIDs adjustable in 0.1° increments, Hot water mixing valve, Adjustable-height drain tray, Non-slip feet on Wings with channels to hide wires & hoses, External rotary pump. Available in 2 & 3 group models, Hand-crafted and Made in Seattle, USA

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