Tanzania Hasambo


Region | Mbozi District
Process | Fully Washed
Altitude | 1600MASL
Varietal | Bourbon & Kent

Notes of black currant, orange blossom & dark chocolate.

Ripe cherries pour in from the villages of Ilembo, Hasamba, Masangula and Kilimapima, into the Hasambo Agricultural Marketing Cooperative and Society (AMCOS) located in the southern highlands of Tanzania. One of the producers working with this cooperative is Communal Shamba who specialises in working with smallholder producers to deliver sustainable, high-end specialty coffees as a part of their program “Goods for Goodness of our Communities”. Hasambo is actively involved in community building and environmental initiatives. The group protects the regional water bodies by building 2-metre-wide buffer zones along the rivers and springs. Discharge channels and water collection tanks are also constructed to collect hazardous waste. The cooperative supports cultivation by planting shade trees and efficiently using fertilisers and pesticides.